Highlander Legacy, composed by James L. Hosay for the 25th Anniversary of the Dexter Community Band, was performed at the April 27, 2007 concert.more about James Hosay


Our european tour

In 2001 the Dexter Community Band toured Europe. They performed in the Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, and Italy. The following pages tell the story of the trip.
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about band

The band is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all the members are volunteers from the local area. Even though it is an amateur organization, the band performs on a professional level in the area and has even toured Europe and Ireland.
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band history

The Dexter Community Band was originally conceived in 1982 by Chris Wall, Director of Dexter's Community Education Programs. Dave Angus, a professor of education at the University of Michigan, was the conductor. The band included Milford Wolpoff, Nick Wagner, and Pat Wier on clarinet, Marian North, Karla Linkner, and Raynette Kempf on flute, Phyllis Risdon, Les Sapsford, and Mary Jane Trustdorf on trumpet, Pam McAllsiter on French Horn, and Linda Burby on percussion.

The beginning was modest, but through word of mouth and exposure at a few concerts, the band began to grow. By 1984 the band had nearly doubled in size and performed three or four concerts a year. It took another six years for the band to again double in size and have a fairly well rounded instrumentation. In 1998, William Gourley began conducting the band and brought it to the high level it is today. Now at the ripe old age of 35, the band has 85 (+) members and a full complement of instruments.

Thanksgiving and Holiday concerts were part of the band’s repertoire from the beginning. The Thanksgiving concert has since been retired, but additionally the band now performs a Halloween concert, a winter concert, and a spring concert. There are also several “Evening of Ensembles” concerts thoughout February, featuring numerous small groups from the band.