MEIJER community rewards program

Enrolled members shop Meijer, simply paying with cash, PIN-based debit card or linked Meijer Credit Card. Purchases made with a linked Meijer Credit Card earn 1%. Purchases made with cash or PIN-based debit card and a swiped Meijer 1 Card earn 0.5%.

The Dexter Community Band Meijer Nonprofit number is 209115.

Register online at

Step by Step Instructions

  • If you don't have a Meijer 1 Card under (I prefer to use a Meijer 1 CardSM with cash or my PIN-debit card to earn rewards.) click "join now"
  • On the right side click "Create an Account"
  • Fill out the form
  • Set up your profile
  • Call Meijer Community Rewards (800-962-7011 opt 3)
  • Have them link your account to the Dexter Community Band (#209115)

If you have a Meijer Credit Card you may link that to the band too by calling the number above.

The Meijer 1 Card must be swiped with your purchase and can only be used with cash or a PIN-based debit card.